Rosemary's Bio

Rosemary was born in Acquaro Calabria Italy and migrated to Australia with her family in 1977. She has experience in running a successful family business and has always demonstrated a passion for the entertainment industry by been part of many TV series and movies. In 1997 studied and became a community radio presenter for the Geelong Region. Directed and hosted Italian news, music, and advertisement for the Geelong Italian Social Club. Throughout her lifetime she has always been passionate about music, and has developed an ear for new talents.


Rosemary has work in many TVC, series, movies and films, documentaries, commercial spot, etc...

TVC :Telstra - Diners Club - Holeproof and much more.

SERIES: Neighbours - Stingers and more.

MOVIES: The Wog Boy - The Bank - Ghost Rider and Knowing with Nicholas Cage and more.

Radio Indie International

Its my passion and experience leading and certainly the film set but music has always been my companion and more present especially in difficult times. I have experience and expertise in this sector as it currently collaborating with Radio Indie International and I work primarily to maintain contact with artists and select the tracks that make up our playlist. Facebook Profile